Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Own Me Lyrics - Agnez Mo

And then I feel you

Six string vibrations

Filling up My vision with distortion

I am big enough for the deepen

I am let it seepin'

Make it low, do the sound

We can bring you down to the low phi

You turn it up

Of what is allowed

Let me break it down to you slowly

You play low sexy like that

I kinda' need to deny it like that

They sound foundation in a track

Show me where you going

Hit me with your low end

Chorus :

Some of that gimme some of that (nice)

Play your rhythm baby on me (on me)

Hit on that baby hit on that (nice)

Baby break it on rows on me

Coz when me play together and the music soudin' better

We can walkin', we can go in

We can do it all nite

Some of that gimme some of that

I'm a slave to you, own me (crazy)

I wanna breathe in

No more hesitation, boy let's go on a teasy

You always play it so bad, melody's in my head

Na na na, na na na, na na na na na na (2x)

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