Thursday, July 31, 2014

Say (Feat: French Montana & Yung Fliiboy) Lyrics - G Eazy

[Produced by Ty Fyffe]

[Intro: French Montana]
You know when you hear that HAN
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
HAN Coke boy

[Hook: Yung FLiiBoy]
Yo hands down you're a man down
If hating mad when I roll around
Shawty clocking knowing I'm the man now
Yeah they know how it's going down
What the gone say what they gone say
We don't need them niggas anyway
What the gone say what they gone say
Fuck it we don't need them niggas anyway

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
But what they say when I drop this shit
If you looked away what if you missed it
Most of you rappers sound the same and nothing's different
I came to the game here to stay not just to visit
Now I got a buzz like I popped 6 klonopin
Grew up in the Bay and swishers what I put my chronic in
Drinking straight if anything I might just put some tonic in
I’m proving them wrong again with the shit I’m accomplishin’
Hair slick backwards, I’m dapper
Your bitch is cool, mine is badder
You haters gossip and chatter
All my team we're eating as if we hunt and we gather
Your girl tweeted that I was her favorite rapper, I’m flattered


[Verse 2: French Montana]
We don’t need them niggas anyway
Rari low, feet up on them niggas anyway
Took the Ghost to the dealer told him go a Wraith
Bitch shotgun, on E! like Chelsea Lately (Han)
Born straight 10 summers born straight
You small plate, 2015 with no plaque
Paper tag, bricks in the condo
College to the league had to turn 4 to 9 like Rondo
Twenty-four karat gold fine number Eric Hold
5 chains herringbone
5 whips [?]
This ain’t a Rollie it’s a time machine
Popping perk, smoking sour, drinking lean


[Verse 3: G-Eazy]
No I saw this coming
Like where is this rapper from and
What is his career becoming
I just sparked my blunt and then play to beat and write something
Slept on me you’re fucking dumb
And even your girl knows I’m coming
And you sir are bitchless
A list hoes, Taylor Swift is on my wish list
Plain black clothes I still stand the crispiest
A crew full of misfits
Now watch us go the distance
Smoking West Coast on the East Coast
Feed me a beat like this watch see what it provokes
Growing up I caught the bus now I push a Prévost
Faded from the weed smokes
I’m paid cause nothing’s for free folks


[Outro] (x2)
When I show up what would they say
When I blow up what should they say
What they gon’ say, what they gon’ say now
What they gon’ say now.

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